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BIOLĀ 0470. Genetics.

Genetic phenomena at the molecular, cellular, organismal, and population levels. Topics include transmission of genes and chromosomes, mutation, structure and regulation of the expression of the genetic material, elements of genetic engineering, and evolutionary genetics. One laboratory session and one discussion session per week. (Students should not plan to take BIOL 0470 after 1540.) Expected: BIOL 0200 (or equivalent placement). Students will be assigned to Lab sections the first week of class.

FallBIOL0470S0116192TTh10:30-11:50(13)(M. Johnson)
FallBIOL0470L0116193Arranged(J. Hall)
FallBIOL0470L0216194Arranged(J. Hall)
FallBIOL0470L0316195Arranged(J. Hall)
FallBIOL0470L0416196Arranged(J. Hall)
FallBIOL0470L0516197Arranged(J. Hall)
FallBIOL0470L0616198Arranged(J. Hall)
FallBIOL0470L0716199Arranged(J. Hall)
FallBIOL0470L0816200Arranged(J. Hall)
FallBIOL0470L0916201Arranged(J. Hall)
FallBIOL0470L1016202Arranged(J. Hall)