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MATH 0090. Introductory Calculus, Part I.

An intensive course in calculus of one variable including limits, differentiation, maxima and minima, the chain rule, rational functions, trigonometric functions, and exponential functions. Introduction to integration with applications to area and volumes of revolution. MATH 0090 and MATH 0100 or the equivalent are recommended for all students intending to concentrate in the sciences or mathematics. May not be taken for credit in addition to MATH 0050 or MATH 0060 or MATH 0070. S/NC only.

FallMATH0090S0115909MWF9:00-9:50(18)(A. Barron)
FallMATH0090S0215910MWF10:00-10:50(18)(D. Katz)
FallMATH0090S0315911MWF12:00-12:50(18)(Z. Zhang)
FallMATH0090S0415912MWF2:00-2:50(18)(X. Zhang)
FallMATH0090S0515913TTh10:30-11:50(18)(A. Harper)
FallMATH0090C0115914T9:00-10:20'To Be Arranged'
FallMATH0090C0215915T9:00-10:20'To Be Arranged'
FallMATH0090C0315916T9:00-10:20'To Be Arranged'
FallMATH0090C0415917T4:00-5:20'To Be Arranged'
FallMATH0090C0515918T4:00-5:20'To Be Arranged'
FallMATH0090C0615919T4:00-5:20'To Be Arranged'
FallMATH0090C0715920T4:00-5:20'To Be Arranged'
FallMATH0090C0815921T4:00-5:20'To Be Arranged'
FallMATH0090C0915922T6:40-8:00PM'To Be Arranged'
FallMATH0090C1015923T6:40-8:00PM'To Be Arranged'
SprMATH0090S0124705MWF11:00-11:50(12)(D. Katz)
SprMATH0090S0224706MWF2:00-2:50(12)'To Be Arranged'
SprMATH0090C0124707T9:00-10:20'To Be Arranged'
SprMATH0090C0224708T4:00-5:20'To Be Arranged'
SprMATH0090C0324709T4:00-5:20'To Be Arranged'
SprMATH0090C0424710T6:40-8:00PM'To Be Arranged'

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