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MATH 0200. Intermediate Calculus (Physics/Engineering).

Covers roughly the same material as MATH 0180, but is intended for students with a special interest in physics or engineering. The main topics are: geometry of three-dimensional space; partial derivatives; Lagrange multipliers; double, surface, and triple integrals; vector analysis; Stokes' theorem and the divergence theorem, with applications to electrostatics and fluid flow. The extra hour is a weekly problem session. Recommended prerequisite: MATH 0100, 0170, or 0190.

FallMATH0200S0115954MWF9:00-9:50(09)'To Be Arranged'
FallMATH0200S0215955MWF12:00-12:50(09)'To Be Arranged'
FallMATH0200S0315956TTh2:30-3:50(09)(W. Lam)
FallMATH0200C0115957Th12:00-12:50'To Be Arranged'
FallMATH0200C0215958Th12:00-12:50'To Be Arranged'
FallMATH0200C0315959Th4:00-4:50'To Be Arranged'
FallMATH0200C0415960Th4:00-4:50'To Be Arranged'
SprMATH0200S0124730MWF12:00-12:50(15)'To Be Arranged'
SprMATH0200S0224731MWF1:00-1:50(15)'To Be Arranged'
SprMATH0200S0324732MWF2:00-2:50(15)'To Be Arranged'
SprMATH0200C0124733Th12:00-12:50'To Be Arranged'
SprMATH0200C0224734Th12:00-12:50'To Be Arranged'
SprMATH0200C0324735Th4:00-4:50'To Be Arranged'
SprMATH0200C0424736Th4:00-4:50'To Be Arranged'

Engineering and Physics

...Brown with MATH 0170 or its equivalent. Students who begin in MATH 0200 can substitute...


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...course may start in MATH 0100 and take MATH 0200 or MATH 0180 in second...