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MATH 0540. Honors Linear Algebra.

Linear algebra for students of greater aptitude and motivation, especially mathematics and science concentrators with a good mathematical preparation. Matrices, linear equations, determinants, and eigenvalues; vector spaces and linear transformations; inner products; Hermitian, orthogonal, and unitary matrices; and Jordan normal forms. Provides a more extensive treatment of the topics in MATH 0520. Recommended prerequisites: MATH 0180, 0200, or 0350.

FallMATH0540S0215967MWF1:00-1:50(18)(Y. Wu)
SprMATH0540S0124750MWF11:00-11:50(12)(S. Treil)
SprMATH0540S0224751MWF1:00-1:50(12)'To Be Arranged'

Applied Mathematics

...are urged to consider MATH 0540 as an alternative to MATH 0520 . 3 APMA 0330...