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MATH 1010. Analysis: Functions of One Variable.

Completeness properties of the real number system, topology of the real line. Proof of basic theorems in calculus, infinite series. Topics selected from ordinary differential equations. Fourier series, Gamma functions, and the topology of Euclidean plane and 3-space. Prerequisite: MATH 0180, 0200, or 0350. MATH 0520 or 0540 may be taken concurrently. Most students are advised to take MATH 1010 before MATH 1130.

SprMATH1010S0124753TTh2:30-3:50(09)(N. Kapouleas)

Computer Science

...area requirement. 3 CSCI 1010 may be used either as a math-oriented intermediate course...


...strongly recommended that students take MATH 1010 before taking MATH 1130 . Standard program for the...


...MATH 0100 and take MATH 0200 or MATH...0930A , ENGN 0930C , ENGN 1010 . Therefore, the program...