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NEUR 1030. Neural Systems.

This lecture course examines key principles that underlie the function of neural systems ranging in complexity from peripheral receptors to central mechanisms of behavioral control. Prerequisite: NEUR 0010 or the equivalent. First year students require instructor approval.

FallNEUR1030S0116568TTh10:30-11:50(13)(M. Linden)
FallNEUR1030C0116578M3:00-3:50(M. Linden)
FallNEUR1030C0216579M4:00-4:50(M. Linden)
FallNEUR1030C0316580Th6:00-6:50(M. Linden)
FallNEUR1030C0416581Th7:00-7:50(M. Linden)
FallNEUR1030C0516600F3:00-3:50(M. Linden)
FallNEUR1030C0616601F4:00-4:50(M. Linden)