Brown Institute for Brain Science

The Brown Institute for Brain Science (BIBS) advances multidisciplinary research, technology development, and training in the brain sciences and works to establish Brown University as an internationally recognized leader in brain research. BIBS unites more than 100 faculty from a diverse group of departments at Brown, spanning basic and clinical departments, and physical and biological sciences. BIBS provides a mechanism to advance interdisciplinary research efforts among this broad group.  BIBS provides  essential support to obtain and administer multi-investigator grants for research, infrastructure, and training. The Institute actively seeks new training funds to support interdisciplinary education that transcends that available in individual academic departments.

As one of its core missions, the Institute is developing and supporting a series of interdisciplinary research centers that focus on established or emerging areas of excellence in brain research at Brown. Each center bridges the physical and life sciences, and encompasses basic and translational research, including clinical application. The Center for Vision Research was created in 2007. Initiatives in Neurotechnology and in Synaptic and Neurodegenerative Disease are underway.  BIBS has also established an MRI Research Facility and an Behavioral Analysis Core Facility.

The existence of Brain Science as an overall organizing entity for a series of research centers and core facilities demonstrates the university's ongoing support for brain science research at Brown.  This commitment will help to attract top faculty and students to Brown, enable higher quality research and establish Brown as a worldwide leader in brain science.

Brain Science

The graduate program in Brian Science is a unique interdisciplinary program formed to tackle one of the greatest mysteries of man.

The program was designed to promote collaborative theoretical and experimental study of the brain from the molecular to the behavioral and cognitive level. It unites faculty who study the fundamental mechanisms of nervous-system function and those who seek to create devices with brain-like functions that can assist mankind. The faculty are also committed to translating fundamental knowledge for the diagnosis and treatment of the devastating effects of disease and trauma of the nervous system. Brown is a leader in related research and offers exceptional training and coursework for those interested in pursuing careers in brain science.  The program sponsors a Master of Science (Sc.M.) degree as well as a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree.

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