Computer Science

The department of Computer Science offers two graduate degrees in computer science. The Master of Science (Sc.M.) degree for those who wish to improve their professional competence in computer science or to prepare for further graduate study, and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degree.

For more information on admission and program requirements, please visit the following website:

Concurrent ScB (NUS) and ScM in Computational Biology (Brown University)

The School of Computing at National University of Singapore and The Department of Computer Science at Brown have established a concurrent Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program in Computational Biology. After having first completed four years of under- graduate study at National University of Singapore (NUS), qualified students will attend Brown University to complete their fifth and final year of study in computational biology. After the successful completion of requirements set forth by both universities, the students will simultaneously earn both their Sc.B. and Sc.M. degrees. The Sc.B will be awarded by the National University of Singapore, while the Sc.M. is awarded by Brown University.