Political Science

The department of Political Science offers a Master of Arts (A.M.) Degree* and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree.

Completion Requirements

A.M.:  The A.M. requires passing eight 2000-level Political Science courses with a grade of B or better.

Ph.D.: The Ph.D. requires passing thirteen graduate level courses with a grade of B or better of which at least 10 courses must be taken within the Political Science department (two may be taken from a related discipline), including Research Methods POLS2000, Statistics I POLS2580, two field proseminars (choose two of four - POLS2100 American, POLS2110 Comparative,  POLS2120 Theory, POLS2130 IR); a theory course, and Prospectus writing POLS2050 and POLS2051. Students must also pass written and oral preliminary examinations in two subfields; written and oral presentation of a dissertation proposal; and written and oral presentation of a dissertation. A minimum of two semesters as a teaching assistant is also required.

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*The department does not have a separate master's program; graduate students can earn the A.M. on the way to the Ph.D.  Also, Brown University undergraduates may apply for a Master’s degree to be completed in their fifth year at Brown.