Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

The  Sheridan Center is a place where faculty, graduate students, postdocs and staff throughout the university come together to inquire about, explore and reflect upon teaching and learning as ongoing and collaborative processes.  Our programs, services and resources are available to all members of the Brown community, including full-time and part-time faculty, postdoctoral fellows, teaching fellows and teaching assistants, and staff.  To learn more about the Center, see our website:  http://brown.edu/sheridan.

The Sheridan Center supports the Brown teaching community.

  • We are Brown's go-to-place for practical advice about teaching and learning.
  • We promote best practices and promising new practices in teaching.
  • We support instructors as they launch and develop their professional careers.

We Offer:

  • Teaching & Learning Resources - publications and online resources addressing a wide range of topics
  • Programs on Teaching - orientations, workshops & lectures, certificate programs
  • Consulting Services - course and syllabus consultations, classroom observations, student evaluation consultations, practice teaching sessions, online course design, TA training
  • Support for Research - effective presentations, educational components of grants, grant evaluations, scholarship on teaching & learning
  • Professional Development - programs and resources to help instructors launch and develop their professional careers, support for instructors in digital and online pedagogy
  • Fellowships & Awards - support for faculty development and recognition for contributions to teaching and learning, course development grants
  • Resources for Learners - resources to help undergraduates develop as learners and scholars
  • Community - Programs and projects bringing together faculty, graduate students and postdocs from across the disciplines

Contact Information
Physical Address:  96 Waterman Street
Mailing Address:  Box 1912, Brown University, Providence, RI  02912
Phone:  401-863-1219
Fax:  401-863-9458
Email:  Sheridan_Center@Brown.edu
Website:  http://brown.edu/sheridan