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Brown Institute for Brain Science

The mission of The Brown Institute for Brain Science (BIBS) is to catalyze discovery and innovation in brain science; transform discoveries into knowledge, treatments and tools to benefit society; and promote a community of diverse opinions, open minds, and disruptive ideas. BIBS brings together more than 130 faculty from more than a dozen academic units at Brown, including basic and clinical departments, and bridging physical and biological sciences. BIBS advances collaborative research efforts among this broad group. BIBS provides essential support to obtain and administer multi-investigator grants for research, infrastructure, and training. The Institute actively seeks new training funds to support interdisciplinary education that transcends that available in individual academic departments. BIBS supports research around four thematic areas: Neurobiology of Cells and Circuits, Computation in Brain and Mind, Neuroengineering and Neurotechnology, and Cognition and Behavior. Research in each of the themes is relevant to brain health, and the themes are tightly interconnected.

Brain Science

Brown University provides a unique environment in which to pursue interdisciplinary brain science graduate training. Research at Brown emphasizes collaborative theoretical and experimental studies of the brain, from the molecular to the behavioral and cognitive levels. It unites researchers who study the fundamental mechanisms of nervous system function and those who seek to create devices with brain-like functions that can assist people. The faculty is also committed to translating fundamental knowledge into practical applications to the diagnosis and treatment of the devastating effects of disease and trauma of the nervous system. Brown is a leader in brain-related research and offers exceptional training and course work for those interested in pursuing careers in brain science.

The Brown Institute for Brain Science partners with a number of discipline-based graduate programs. Students interested in interdisciplinary brain science training enter through one of these graduate programs. 

BIBS-affiliated Graduate Programs include:

BIBS offers a number of opportunities for graduate students in any program to stretch beyond their discipline. BIBS lunches, which occur several times per semester, offer broad seminars and informal discussion led by Brown faculty members. Graduate students can also apply for BIBS graduate student awards. Through its Center for Vision Research, BIBS also runs an NIH training grant that supports interdisciplinary graduate training in vision research. BIBS also awards a number of pilot research grants each year, and graduate students are often involved in or initiate applications for these grants.

For more information on admission and program requirements, please visit: