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Center for Geometric Computing

The Center for Geometric Computing, founded in the summer of 1995, consists of members of the faculty of the Department of Computer Science and their students. The Center was initially established to enhance the visibility of a major research effort funded by the Army Research Office and the National Science Foundation. The main objective of the Center is to facilitate the transfer from basic research in computational geometry to several applied areas.

Over the years, the Center has expanded its core geometric computing research focus into new strategic directions with significant potential for technological and economic impact, including applied cryptography, computer security, cloud computing, data security, graph drawing  information visualization, and metrology. Funding for research in the above areas is currently provided by NSF and NetApp. Members of the Center are Professors Roberto Tamassia (Director), Franco P. Preparata (past Director), and Bernado Palazzi. The Center frequently hosts internationally known visitors participating in joint projects.