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Biostatistics (Health Data Science)

The online Master of Science in Biostatistics (Sc.M.), Health Data Science track, provides students with a strong foundation in biostatistical, health data science methods and rigorous training in applied skills to meet the growing demands of this industry and become future leaders in the life science and public health domains. This program is offered 100% online and designed to serve a broad and diverse audience of learners to meet the pressing need for well-trained biostatistics professionals, both domestically and internationally.

The online Sc.M. in Biostatistics, Health Data Science track can be completed across 5 consecutive semesters and has a 9 course credit requirement.

BHDS 2000: Probability and Statistical Inference

BHDS 2010: Statistical Programming for Health Data ScienceĀ 

BHDS 2110: Methods I: Linear and Generalized Linear Models

BHDS 2020: Design of Observational and Experimental Studies

BHDS 2120: Methods II: Extensions to Regression

BHDS 2030: Causal Inference

BHDS 2130: Methods III: Statistical Machine Learning

BHDS 2040: Advanced Topics in Health Data Science

BHDS 2050: Problem-driven Biostatistics and Capstone Project