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Data-Enabled Computational Engineering and Science

The Data-Enabled Computational Engineering and Science (DECES) program targets students with recently obtained Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Physical Sciences, and related disciplines, who are interested in pursuing careers that involve advanced modeling and simulation in engineering and physical sciences. This program will also be of interest to research staff as well as working professionals whose success on the job depends on their ability to perform high-fidelity engineering simulations with data assimilation. Data-Enabled Computational Engineering and Science is an inherently interdisciplinary field requiring in-depth knowledge of advanced mathematics, numerical methods and their computer implementation, engineering sciences, and methods in the emerging field of Data Science. Given the composition of Brown's School of Engineering and Applied Math faculty, we are uniquely positioned to offer such a program using a combined Engineering and Applied Math graduate curriculum.

Program Requirements:
Two courses in Engineering, such as: 2
Advanced Mechanics of Solids
Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Physics II
Continuum Mechanics
Mechanics of Solids
Computational Methods in Structural Mechanics
Thermodynamics of Materials
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
Fluid Mechanics I
Fluid Mechanics II
Atomistic Modeling of Materials
Two courses in Applied Mathematics, such as: 2
Computational Probability and Statistics
Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations I
Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations II
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Theory of Probability I
Introduction to Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous (CPU+GPU) Systems
Two courses in data science/high performance computing2
Two additional courses. To ensure depth these may be taken in Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Data Science, or other relevant disciplines. 2
Total Credits8

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