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Design Engineering

Master of Arts in Design Engineering (MADE)

Core courses
ENGN 2170Engineering Design: Measure and Make2
ENGN 2171Iterating with Intention2
ENGN 2173Design Engineering Communication1
ENGN 2172Integrate and Implement2
Four additional elective credits. Students may take two 1 credit electives or one 2 credit elective in Fall and Spring at Brown or at the Rhode Island School of Design. Electives must be approved by the MADE Advisor. Note: A 3-credit RISD course = 1 Brown credit 4
Total Credits11

For students in the MADE program, the approved course sequence is 2 Summer, 4 Fall, 5 Spring (1 of which takes place during Winter Session). Any deviation from this schedule can result in additional tuition and/or penalties