Visual Art

The Visual Arts concentration engages in artistic practice across a wide range of media: painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, photography, and digital imaging. Courses in art history combine with these to frame the direction of the concentrator's work and to develop his or her critical thinking skills. Students are encouraged to cultivate an informed and thoughtful individual perspective. Students in the Visual Arts department enjoy cutting-edge facilities and a knowledgeable faculty. These two resources inspire creativity and pleasure in our concentrators while they explore the discipline. Students acquire the intellectual and practical tools to make art as well as to interpret and critique the world of images. Students also have the opportunity to take courses at the neighboring Rhode Island School of Design.

Concentration Program Requirements

Concentration Requirements:
VISA 0100Studio Foundation 11
or VISA 0110 Advanced Studio Foundation
VISA 1110Drawing I 21
or VISA 1120 Drawing II
VISA 0120Foundation Media: Sound and Image 21
HIAA 0010A Global History of Art and Architecture1
HIAA 0880 - Contemporary Art I 31
or HIAA 0890 - Contemporary Art II
Five additional studio courses (in addition to VISA 0120 and VISA 0110 or VISA 1120) 45
One upper-level History of Art and Architecture course.1
One elective course in History of Art and Architecture, Visual Art, Modern Culture and Media 51
Senior Thesis Exhibition: which does not carry academic credit, is required for graduation (usually presented during the seventh or eighth semester).
Total Credits12

 VISA 0100 and VISA 0110 do not count as one of the 7 studio concentration requirements; VISA 0100 or VISA 0110 are prerequisites for all studio courses.


 Qualifies as one of the 5 studio concentration requirements.


 Should be taken by the first semester of junior year.


 A minimum of four studio courses must be taken at Brown University. One must be drawing.


 Certain related courses or acceptable RISD courses may also be approved.


The project is a two-semester enterprise and counts as two courses taken for graduation credit VISA 1800C (Sem I) and VISA 1990 (Sem II) but will not count as two of the twelve courses needed for the visual art concentration. Students that are planning to complete their degree requirements in December must apply for honors by December 5 of the previous year.