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Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

The Sheridan Center promotes evidence-based teaching to create an inclusive environment where all learners can succeed. To encourage innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration, we cultivate dynamic partnerships with all members of Brown's teaching and learning communities.  The Center advances effective liberal learning, encourages ongoing professional development, and fosters reflective teaching and learning. To learn more about the Center, please see our website: To subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter, please see:

Major initiatives of the Sheridan Center include:

  • The Brown Learning Collaborative, offering rigorous academic courses for undergraduate teaching fellows and evidence-based course design institutes for faculty and TAs, to enhance student learning in key liberal arts skill areas, such as writing, problem-solving, and research.
  • Inclusive teaching, embedded in Sheridan programs and offered as customized workshops for departments, drawing upon pedagogical research in the disciplines.
  • Writing, academic tutoring, and English language expertise to offer direct support to students, develop peer fellows and tutors, and promote faculty and department practices to help all students succeed as learners and communicators.
  • Interdisciplinary learning communities, such as certificates on reflective teaching and course design, a Junior Faculty Fellows program, dissertation writing groups, and course design institutes on writing, problem solving and research.
  • Assessment and research support for program review, cross-institutional grants supporting educational innovation, and initiatives to enhance teaching and learning at Brown.

We also offer:

  • Confidential consultations – classroom observations; early student feedback; consultations on inclusive teaching, course design, writing pedagogy, assessment, student evaluations, and graduate and undergraduate TA training.
  • Services to enhance student learning - Excellence at Brown pre-orientation program on writing, conversation partners program, and classroom-based writing workshops on topics such as peer review.
  • Programs on teaching – orientations for instructors and students, certificate programs, institutes, disciplinary and interdisciplinary workshops.
  • Educational research and assessment – collaboration on course and curricular assessment, consultations on the scholarship of teaching and learning, assistance with evaluation sections of postsecondary educational grants.
  • Community - programs and projects that bring together faculty, graduate students, postdocs, and undergraduates from across the disciplines.
  • Teaching and learning resources - online resources addressing a wide range of topics; Newsletters to summarize research and practice on key teaching topics.

Contact Information
Physical Address:  5th and 7th floors, Sciences Library (201 Thayer Street)
Mailing Address:  Box 1912, Brown University, Providence, RI  02912
Phone:  401-863-1219
Fax:  401-863-9458