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Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies examines the Portuguese-speaking world, a large and diverse geographical and cultural area spread over five continents. Inhabited by two hundred fifty million people, this area includes Brazil, Continental and Insular Portugal, Lusophone Africa and Luso-America. Although concentrators are encouraged to examine the global nature of the Portuguese-speaking world, typically they focus on one of the specific geographical entities mentioned above.  Concentrators will strengthen their Portuguese language skills (Portuguese 400 or the equivalent is a pre-requisite) and explore relevant Lusophone literature, education, history and social science. The concentration offers one program in language and literature and another that is interdisciplinary. Some concentrators study abroad in either Brazil or Portugal.


POBS 0630 series Topics in Portuguese-Speaking Cultures 11-2
POBS 1030Portuguese Stylistics: Advanced Language Study and Creative Writing1
POBS 1800BLusofonia: National Identities and Transnational Challenges 21
or POBS 1800C Constructing Men, Projecting Masculinity: Questioning Gender, Sex, and Sexuality in Brazil
or POBS 1800E The Brazilian Puzzle: Confronting the Post-Colonial Legacy
or POBS 1800F The Lusophone World and the Struggle for Modernity
Five (or four, if two POBS 0630 courses were completed) additional courses from Portuguese and Brazilian Studies and/or related departments, such as History, Africana Studies, Political Science, Anthropology, Sociology, Music, and the Watson Institute. These courses are intended to develop students' specific interests within the concentration.5-4
Total Credits8

Up to two courses in the POBS 0630 series may be counted toward concentration requirements, provided they are on different topics.  


 Conducted in Portuguese, the seminar brings the concentrators together for an interdisciplinary consideration of key topics in the Portuguese-speaking world.  A research paper written in Portuguese is required.

Senior Project (optional)

In addition to taking a POBS 1800-series concentration seminar, students may choose to complete a senior project attached to any course in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies and related fields, including the Concentration Seminar, the latter possibility to be made at the discretion of the instructor. The advisor of the senior project is the professor of the course from which the project stems. Projects are not limited to papers, and may include short documentaries, a visual arts project, or an oral history project.